Best in Class Product Support


Mayphil, IPG and Macsa are proud to offer world-class product support across all its appointed territories.

Our combined resources and extensive knowledge mean that we can offer your business a 'one stop shop' for regional product support.

Our trained technicians give you the best possible service, to include advice on how to maximise the potential of your engine, including correct oils to use and recommended service increments and also offer Extended Service Contracts and maintenance contracts.

Our regional team covers the following countries:

  • Afghanistan (Mayphil)
  • Pakistan (Mayphil)
  • Sri Lanka (Macsa)
  • The Maldives (Macsa)
  • Mongolia (Industrial Power Group)
  • Turkmenistan (Industrial Power Group)
  • Uzbekistan (Industrial Power Group)
  • Tajikistan (Industrial Power Group)
  • Kyrgyzstan (Industrial Power Group)

Please click on the correct email address below to make a service enquiry: