Perkins packaging improvements

Perkins have announced that as of 18th March 2013, some of its packaging will be improved. 
Please see the statement below from Perkins:

Packaging Improvements
In response to customer feedback, the standard of packaging will be improved for some parts.
The key ranges of parts impacted are pistons, lift pumps, bearings, and kits containing pistons
and rings.
Packaging for these parts will change from chipboard cartons to corrugated cartons. The main
benefits of this new packaging are as follows:

• More punch and crush resistant
• Ability to be stacked higher
• More suitable in humid climates with further wet strength
• Stronger crash lock base to support product compression

Externally, the new cartons will only have one change to incorporate the updated postcode for
Perkins Engines Company Limited. Branding, colours and labels will not change.
Internally, there will be visual changes. The old carton had a matt grey chipboard finish whilst
the new carton will be brown with a visible corrugated fluting pattern.
Parts currently in stock will not be updated with this new standard of packaging. The old
packaging will be phased out with the introduction of the new packaging. Therefore you may
receive shipments of parts with a mixture of old and new packaging.

Source: Perkins Engines Company Limited, March 2013