The business is privately owned and managed with 2nd and 3rd Generation shareholders and Directors. The prime business distributes Gas and diesel engines, engine parts, and other power components in several Countries across the Middle East and South Asia.

Mayphil and our associate companies represents major brands such as Allison Transmission, MecCalte, Perkins Engines, Scania gas engines, Liebherr ports handling equipment, Kalmar and our own range of Quantum ES Renewable energy products and Coventry parts for all diesel engines.

From our original facility in North London, we have grown and moved to a 110,000 sq foot facility in South Wales, from where we distribute to Mayphil owned warehouse and technical facilities in Sri Lanka, Lebanon and our other Companies based in Pakistan and Tashkent.

Our major partners for the last 2 decades have been Perkins Engines, with whom we have a long history and partnership. We are the regional distributors for diesel product in 10 countries and for gas engines globally.

We have major clients in the manufacturing, telecoms, banking and industrial sectors.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed engines to run on a variety of gases, primarily to operate in the waste to energy sector.

Mayphil are now embarking on the development of agricultural tractors, solar power and other equipment.

We are future proofing our business by moving with the high demands for world energy thereby ensuring provide class leading product and services to all our shareholders, suppliers, and customers.